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Jeremy Reynolds

2x North American Endurance Champion; 4x Winner 100-mile Tevis Endurance Cup

Jeremy Reynolds
PureC4S keeps me physically feeling my best while working on horses as well as riding them. It allows me to not need anti-inflammatory drugs.

Jeremy Reynolds has been endurance riding since 2001. He has over 12,000 competition miles. He and his wife, Heather Reynolds are well known in the sport and have represented the USA at the highest levels of endurance. He has won the Tevis Cup 3 times and the Haggin Cup 2 times. He has been on the USA Team 2 times on 2 different horses that he owned and trained and has competed abroad more than 10 times, on numerous horses. He has won the North American Championship twice and finished second once, as well as winning the USA time trial twice.

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