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Shannon Dueck

International Dressage Rider, Team CAN

Shannon Dueck
My vet introduced me to Summit. My horses are now always comfortable. I absolutely believe in the product. I work my horses hard and they all move really well.

Shannon Dueck’s successful dressage career has included training and winning in countries around the world. Dueck and earned an Individual Silver medal at the 1999 Pan American Games. She was the highest placing Canadians in the 2002 World Championships in Spain.  Dueck also won the Canadian League World Cup Final in 2002. She has spent much time training and competing in countries such as Holland, Germany, Austria, Canada, and the United States. She views dressage as a lifelong experience. “Dressage is something we can keep doing until we die and not know everything. I can learn a new thing every day, even if it's a minuscule thing that I can learn from horses and learn about my riding and training."

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