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Tanner Korotkin

International 5* Show Jumper & Nations Cup Rider, Team USA

Tanner Korotkin
When I started Summit, I saw the biggest difference in my horses! They all started feeling better, jumping better, and being more consistent. It's been great ever since.
At just 21 years old Tanner Korotkin may have lot to learn about show jumping, but already audiences are saying that he and his horse, Quinn 33 have wings and can fly. They won $37,000 Wellington Equestrian Realty in 2023.  They have been flying a lot lately: They took a five-star victory in the Iguana Yachts Speed Stake, and another five-star win at Wesley Clover Parks in Ottawa and topped a nine-horse jump-off in the $100,000 Lugano Diamond Grand Prix. Wins like these don’t just happen it takes focus and dedication. “Show jumping is my life, and to further myself in this sport, Im willing to go anywhere and do anything to work my way up,” Tanner said. “Im focusing on my riding and working as hard as possible to better myself in and out of the ring.

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