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Tomas Garcilazo

Professional Rope Artist; 4x Winner PRCA Specialty Act Award

Tomas Garcilazo
Summit and PureC4S has brought us back to the stage with more comfort and confidence.

Tomas Garcilazo is part of a familial heritage of charro side-rope competition. His father and his grandfather both competed. Now Tomas is training his son to continue the family legacy. He has performed at the White House, on Broadway, at Disney Land and across Europe. He has received the PRCA Dress Act of the year four times. But he also understands that after him, the sport and spirit of La Charreria must live on. “Im the connection. We all do that together for the new generation to educate them and to perform for them and to show them how history travels around them, throughout our performance, through our outfits, our horses, our tact. And altogether it is our culture.”

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