The solution formulated to target your horse’s toughest skin challenges.

summer sores

bacterial infections


rain rot

sweat rashes

minor cuts



  • Promotes healing in existing and chronic wounds
  • Helps prevent infection
  • Kills active larvae preventing further infection and inflammatory reaction
  • Creates a protective seal promoting healing process
The solution formulated to solve, sooth and speed recovery of skin distresses in dogs and cats.

hot spots

chronic wounds

minor cuts




  • Powerful natural remedy for the most frequent skin issues
  • Promotes rapid healing in existing and chronic wounds
  • Helps prevent infection
  • Stops itching within hours of application
Rachel Myers

SummitSkin EQ is better than anything I have used! My horse had been battling “de-glove” of his right hind for over six months. I finally bought a bottle, and literally 24 hours after one good drench and a wrap …it hasn’t opened since!

Ashley Watson

Senior rescue dog, Gallagher had a long term lick granuloma and tried everything. Been applying SummitSkin CF, twice daily, and it has begun healing. Scab formed as of day 6 and Gallagher does not lick it when SummitSkin CF is applied.

Gianina Ludwig

Huge summer sore on my girls heel – took 1.5 bottles of SummitSkin EQ. It literally saved her hoof from deformity! Much easier and cleaner product to use than anything else I tried too! It also hasn’t come back in the year that’s past!

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