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Our formulations are drug-free and thoughtfully made with all natural actives, that go to work fast,
giving customers piece of mind and satisfaction guaranteed.

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SummitMax Pro
(6 full doses)

Exclusive NEW Product for Veterinarians

The SummitMax Pro Equine is triple the strength of the original SummitMax Equine dose. This concentrated dose is perfect for pre-show support in competition horses, post-surgery to speed healing and reduce swelling, or acute trauma cases. Chondroitin 4-Sulfate is a natural occurring anti-inflammatory for tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, laminitis, and all inflammatory conditions.

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Naturally manage inflamation

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Joint support and recovery

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Fast results

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Prime Equine Emulgel
(16 oz)

Perform. Relieve. Recover.

Superior soundness management starts here. Formulated to naturally maximize performance potential, manage discomfort, and speed recovery times in the equine athlete, Prime works without the use of NSAIDS and is free of the masking agents often used to distract from an issue instead of targeting it.

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Effect begins within 45 minutes

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Non-masking comfort formula

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Drug free + NSAID free + CBD free

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Competition Safe USEF/FEI/Jockey Club

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Developed by a World Renowned Scientist and Trusted by Veterinarians

Dr. Marvin Hausman

Immunologist and Board-Certified Surgeon

“It has been such an honor developing this amazing product and seeing the difference it's making in so many animals lives. It is truly humbling to me.”

Dr. Brian Garrett DVM

Animal Hospital of Fayetteville

"Summit has proven to be a superior product for systemic treatment of arthritis in both our Small Animal and Equine patients. All clients using Summit have noticed a big improvement in comfort with their companion animals and improved performance in their equine athlete."

Driven by Results.

Learn More About the Science and Origin of SummitMax

Here is a list of additional studies and research on the product itself. Click to browse the links below to find out more about how the science behind our Summit products work.

  • Update on the role of pharmaceutical-grade chondroitin sulfate in the symptomatic management of knee osteoarthritis
  • Drug Screening Implicates Chondroitin Sulfate as a Potential Longevity Pill
  • What is Summit brand of Chondroitin Sulfate A?
  • Chondroitin 4 Sulfate; Application to Joint Deterioration and Protection
  • Summit Equine Initial Study
  • NIS Chondroitin Report Eternapure

Ambassadors in Sport

Follow the Leaders

For over 5 years our products have been used by professional athletes, veterinarians and leading trainers.

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McLain Ward

4x Olympic Team Medalist, Team USA; FEI World Cup Champion

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Sherry Cervi

4x World Champion Barrel Racer; $3.5M WPRA Career Earning Leader

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Rodrigo Pessoa

3x Olympic Champion; World Champion; 3x World Cup Champion

Summit Stories. Summit Success.


Keeps my mare sound year round!

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My mare has been on Summit for a few years. She has navicular on her right front, but was over compensating making her left hind sore. As soon as she finished loading she has been sound and stays sound even when I pull shoes for the winter. I'm beyond thrilled with the results, because not only do I still run her in barrels, but my 4 year old daughter has claimed Moxie as her full time barrel and ranch horse. They trailed cows for a good 12 miles, and then turned around and 'ran' barrels that weekend. It is an amazing product!


Verified Buyer


Saved from Check Ligament Surgery

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From needing surgery by most trainers standards to world and reserve world champion using Summit. This product works and we've used it on multiple horses and the inflammation and soundness is markedly improved within 24 hours post injection. Fetlocks and knees went from popping forward and shaking to locked in over night. We've used this product on weanlings and yearlings with substantial epiphysitis and growth related problems and have loved the response. 5/5 would recommend and purchase again!

Rockin Spots Appaloosas

Verified Buyer


I will definitely keep up with this!

Eternapure_B2B_Pages_-_Thank_You (9).png__PID:dfc14238-5c3f-453a-90ca-e8c98da08cc7

My horse Batman is only 11 years old. Something happened on end of May that he had lameness in front left hoof and took to vet and spent $$$ and they couldn't find something wrong plus I called farrier to fixed his balance corrective and still no improve with lameness. I decided to starting SummitMax on him last month ago and do Magnawave 3 times per week for month too. Almost 3 weeks later, his lameness is gone! I'm shocked how that's works! Now he is so ready back to his job what he loves to do!

Bar G2 PerformanceTherapy

Verified Buyer

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