PureSummit Large Canine

The Canine Relief Solution

PureSummit is the new standard in the fight against joint discomfort, inflammation, and the effects of aging in cats and dogs. This innovative oral Chondroitin 4-Sulfate supplement is powered by a unique, patented liposomal delivery system to ensure bioavailability. Maximize your friend’s comfort, performance, and mobility with PureSummit’s powerful, rapid results you will have to see to believe.

Specifically formulated to meet the demands of even the largest canine athlete! Give them the joint support they need with PureSummit Large Canine to ensure your dog over 75lbs keeps the spring in their step.

Large Canine is formulated for dogs over 75 lbs.

Begin with a Starter Series (1 dose every 4 days = 16 day supply).

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  • Ingredients

    Active Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Chondroitin 4-Sulfate and Taurine.

    Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water, Natural Flavors, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate.

  • How to use

    (1 bottle = 4 doses)

    Always begin with a Starter Series (1 dose every 4 days = 16 day supply).

    After Starter Series is completed, maintain by administering one dose weekly (1 bottle = month supply).

    1. Unscrew cap from bottle; remove stopper plug

    2. Insert tip of syringe into the hole in the middle of the stopper; apply strong pressure until the syringe "clicks" into place.

    3. With syringe tip fully inserted into the stopper, turn bottle upside down and slowly draw contents to dosage fill line on syringe.

    For storage, leave stopper in bottle and screw on cap. Rinse syringe with water; keep to administer next doses.

PureSummit is veterinarian recommended for:


  • Overall Wellness

  • Hips, Back, & Elbows

  • Joint Health

  • Inflammation

  • Senior Care

  • Chronic Discomforts

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"Lola's been REBORN!"

"Our Belgian Malinois is getting older, and it was tough to watch her struggle to make the jumps into the car and boat like she used to - UNTIL SUMMIT! As you can see, Lola has been reborn!"

Marilyn from West Palm Beach, FL

"Amazing results!"

"I have a 120lbs Newfoundland who has some mobility issues. After using this product for about 2 weeks I noticed amazing improvement... she doesn't limp any more! I would recommend this to any one. She's a Certified Therapy Dog and brings many smiles to many people. I'm a lifelong buyer that is for sure. Thank you."

Baillie the Newfie from Wisconsin

"Summit definitely is our go-to."

"I have tried a lot of different joint supplements for my old man. Summit definitely is our go-to now. He continues to run and jump just like he did when he was a young dog! I love that he still feels good enough to do sports with me! We love Summit!"

Kris10 from Billings, MT

"Definitely worth trying especially on old dogs."

"I use this once a week on my older arthritic 14 yr old dog, and on my 8 yr old sheepdog. I notice much less stiffness on the 14 yr old-he even jumps again, and I believe it will help the 8 yr old stay sound as he ages."

Steph from Klamath Falls, OR

"I will be buying this product again"

"I have an 11yr old Australian Cattle dog that has torn both his ACLs, had surgery on one, and wore a brace for a year for the other one. He was on daily Previcox, but still moving slow. At the recommendation of a friend I started him on PureSummit medium dog and now he's acting more like a puppy and no longer needs the Previcox."

Britt from Mercer, PA

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What To Expect

A new leash on life!

target joint pain + chronic discomforts

a more energetic, bouncy pup

naturally manage inflammation

less naps, more play

support injury recovery

back at the dog parks sooner

support joint health

more puppy years, less vet visits

advanced liposomal delivery

maximum absorption, unrivaled results

delicious, tasty liquid formula

tail wags, begging for it

easy to give weekly dose

mix it in their food or serve as a treat

All-natural actives, drug free & no fillers

feel great about giving your pup the best

The PureSummit Difference

Leader of the pack.

Naturally manage inflammation with all-natural active ingredients

NSAIDs or CBD = risky side effects

Advanced patented Liposomal Delivery

Unprotected active ingredients degrade in stomach

Pharmaceutical-grade Chondroitin 4-Sulfate of bovine origin for maximum bioavailability

Low quality food-grade chondroitin (often sourced from shark cartilage and shellfish!) may cause hyper-sensitivity / allergic reaction

Powerful, visible relief

Is it working?

Concentrated, once weekly dosage

Dreaded daily dosage!

Why ruin dinner? Dogs love LIFT!

Fishy liquids or un-tasty “treats” that pups won't eat

All-natural flavors. Zero questionable fillers.

Synthetic flavors. Unnecessary fillers & binders.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Questionable results = dollars wasted

Naturally manage inflammation with all-natural active ingredients

Advanced patented Liposomal Delivery

Pharmaceutical-grade Chondroitin 4-Sulfate of bovine origin for maximum bioavailability

Powerful, visible relief

Concentrated, once weekly dosage

Why ruin dinner? Dogs love LIFT!

All-natural flavors. Zero questionable fillers.

Satisfaction guaranteed


NSAIDs or CBD = risky side effects

Unprotected active ingredients degrade in stomach

Low quality food-grade chondroitin (often sourced from shark cartilage and shellfish!) may cause hyper-sensitivity / allergic reaction

Is it working?

Dreaded daily dosage!

Fishy liquids or un-tasty “treats” that pups won't eat

Synthetic flavors. Unnecessary fillers & binders.

Questionable results = dollars wasted

Why It Works

Less vet, more park!

PureSummit's active ingredient is Chondroitin 4-Sulfate (C4S), a necessary component throughout your dog’s body. It's best known for it's role in joint health, but C4S helps naturally manage inflammation too!


Natural anti-coagulant effects minimize vascular thrombosis to naturally combat inflammation, the major cause of discomfort


Works to reduce destructive enzymes which cause painful damage at the cellular level (Cytokines)


Supports hydrated connective tissues and healthy joint function for better mobility and range of motion


Minimize destruction of the critical components of healthy tissue (Collagen II, Glycosaminoglycans, Proteoglycans)


Fundamental building block for the repair and maintenance of healthy tissues, fluids, and cartilage (HA, Proteoglycans)


Targets effects of osteoarthritis and helps prevent spinal disk degeneration

A (Patented) Step Ahead

Advanced Liposomal Delivery


The acidic stomach environment vaporizes more substances than it absorbs, destroying many of the active compounds that enter the digestive tract before they can produce an effect.


In traditional supplements, chondroitin molecules typically arrive to the intestine seriously degraded and unable to deliver their many health benefits.


PureC4S utilizes patented liposomal carrier particles to wrap around its chondroitin molecules to protect them from damage during the digestive process. Stored safely in the core of the liposome, our pharmaceutical-grade Chondroitin 4-Sulfate arrives to the intestine intact, ready to deliver unprecedented results.


As the liposomes are absorbed in the intestinal tract, the Chondroitin 4-Sulfate carried inside is released. The lipid matter comprising the liposome are also absorbed as critical nutrition for the body’s brain, liver, and cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do each of the active ingredients in Puresummit do?

    Chondroitin 4-Sulfate is a foundational component of the body’s soft tissue matrix, and essential to the health of joints and tissues. At the cellular level, its antioxidant properties help to manage inflammation by neutralizing free radicals and minimizing the cellular degeneration that cause inflammation and soreness.

  • Where do the flavorings come from?

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • How much Chondroitin is in each product?

    We use a proprietary blend of Chondroitin 4-Sulfate for PureSummit products.

  • Is there a starting protocol for Puresummit?

    Yes, your animal will start with one dose every four days for four doses (16 days). Thereafter continue with at least one dose a week.

  • What should I do if my animal spits it out?

    If your animal spits it out, you can try mixing with their food.

  • My product was left in the heat/cold, is it still ok to use?

    Yes, please shake the PureSummit products well if left in the heat.

  • Does this product need to be refrigerated after opening?

    No. It will not be affected by heat or cold.

  • Can I give PureSummit to animals other than dogs or cats?

    We anticipate the same benefits experienced by dogs/cats would also be experienced by other mammals of a similar size.

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