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A couple of weeks ago I noticed Annie, my 6-year-old foster dog, acting strangely and not jumping up on the sofa… her favorite place. It seemed she was having discomfort with her back/neck, so before rushing her to the vet, decided to give her a dose of PureSummit. Within a couple of days she was trotting up the doggie steps to get on the couch, and no longer hesitating. I have been giving it to her weekly, and she is as good as new!


Beaux is a dachshund that suffered a spinal injury. Her owners surrendered her to the vet because they felt euthanasia was best for her but agreed to let a tech take her. I have fostered Beaux for more than 18 months. She has been on Summit since she was left at the vet. When she was examined by a specialist in Charlotte, the diagnosis was grim. We were told that she was paralyzed and would never walk again. Beaux can not only walk, she can run and swim. She’s a very active dog and has proven she can beat the odds. Summit helps with inflammation and it was instrumental in her recovery. I highly recommend it for your dog.


David has been receiving Pure Summit for several months. He is a 14 year old French Bulldog with probable Syringamyelia. He started limping severely almost 3 years ago. We were introduced to Summit by his PEMF therapist and when the oral came out, I switched him. His gait has improved, he has more energy, loves his “snacko” weekly and acts and plays much younger than his years!!! Pure Summit is truly amazing!



Anita L. Genova Behrens, DVM, CVA
Small Animal Veterinary Specialist

A palatable product with a great safety profile that improves the quality of life for our canine and feline family members is a dream come true for a veterinarian and pet parent like myself! I highly recommend using Summit to improve pets lives!

Jenna Norton, DVM
Small Animal Veterinary Specialist

I have never had a client not rave about Summit when they start giving it to their pet. The owners really see a difference. The pet is more comfortable, the pet is moving more frequently and playing again. They absolutely love it!


Small dogs lead big lives, Summit Small Canine keeps them feeling their best! Our powerful and palatable Chondroitin 4-Sulfate formulation is specifically designed for small dogs under 25lbs.

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