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Madison Sperry

K-9 Police Officer

Madison Sperry
Summit has really aided with keeping my police canine's joints healthy. I feel confident knowing that my police canine's mobility and joint health is robust while taking down suspects on the street!

Constable Madison Sperry works the street in her Texas city. She has not one, but two, K9s. One for her police duties and the other for her personal protection. Her personal protection K9, Quelle is not only her personal dog, but does community outreach. Madison and Quelle are internet sensations. Their Lip synching to Who Let The Dogs Outhas garnered over 70 million views on YouTube. Her community outreach and dedication to law enforcement is always ready to make the world a better place. She loaned Quelle to a 6-year-old cancer patient so the little girl could have her very own police dog. But dont be fooled by her kindness. Many a bad guy has underestimated her only to find themselves behind bars.

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