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"My life wouldn't be the same."

"I have had knee problems that have required many types of treatments - prolozone, synvisc - nothing worked. My knee was drained several times a year. Now, no more ibuprofen or acetaminophen. I can run and play. Knee replacement is off the table. This has improved not only my knee, but my overall body soreness is gone as well. I would highly recommend."

Petra 'Pickleball' from Bend, OR

"A relief to wake up and feel great!"

"I had a traumatic back injury and needed a 10 hour surgery, 2 eleven-inch rods, 16 three-inch screws, and multiple prescriptions to cope with my ‘new normal’. After years of severe discomfort, this has changed my life. It’s no longer about what I can’t do, it’s about what I CAN! What a relief to wake up and feel great! I’ve gotten my life back.”

Karen O'Connor from The Plains, VA

"Assess what hurts and reach for the Prime."

"My husband Henri and I recently tried Prime to relive pain and inflammation in our muscles and joints. WOW does this gel ever work!! We rubbed it on our old sore shoulders, knees, backs, and hips. Within an hour the pain had significantly diminished we both found that we were pain free for the whole day! Now, as I wake up in the morning, I assess what hurts and reach for the Prime."

Katie Prudent from The Plains, VA

"I haven't swung the club like that in 20 years."

"I used some of my friend's Prime before I played with my family and honestly I have't swung the club like that in 20 years. Phenomenal."

Richard Love from Satellite Beach, FL

"Instant relief from the painful consequences!"

"After a calcaneus fracture and surgery, I started taking PureC4S. The constant level of pain was reduced dramatically. Now I can exercise again. I also use Prime afterwards for almost instant relief from the painful consequences!"

Rex Gedney from Rye, NY

"Without? Takes twice as long to get anywhere!"

"Getting old is tough. My husband is practically religious about using Prime and PureC4S. If he's without? Takes twice as long to get anywhere!"

Maggi Buterbaugh from Frederick, MD

Get back in the game!

You don't have to be an athlete to know the effects of aging, old injuries, chronic inflammation, and stress, all chip away at your ability to feel your best and get things done.

Energy levels, quality of life, athletic performance, mobility, and feelings towards things we once enjoyed are all affected!

Whether you're looking to get your game back (or simply to get back in the game!) our unique solutions are specifically formulated to produce results you'll have to feel to believe.

Soul Behind The Science

Our Medical Advisory Board

Dr Marvin S. Hausman

Immunologist and Board-Certified Urological Surgeon

Dr John A. Baker

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr Aye Unnoppet

Certified Functional Medicine Physician

Dr Sherri L. Nichols


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