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"Game changer!!"

I started using equine Summit about three years ago on my OTTB mare who has arthritis in her hocks. A day or two after her first injection she was moving better, and could turn in the wash rack with ease. She also started running up to the gate to meet me, and still does it! Summit was a game changer and now my other two horses get a shot every 2 weeks as well! I believe that every horse should be on Summit.

Kristen from Opelika, AL

"A must-have for performance dogs!"

I compete with my three Bernese Mountain Dogs in many sports, including agility. Summit slays inflammation which not only helps them perform but is great for their overall health. Not only are my dogs on it for maintenance and longevity but I have also added it to my first aid kit in case of injury. Summit has greatly extended the quality of my dogs' lives!

Julie with Berners from Northern VA

"I will definitely keep up with this!"

My horse Batman is only 11 years old. Something happened on end of May that he had lameness in front left hoof and took to vet and spent $$$ and they couldn't find something wrong plus I called farrier to fixed his balance corrective and still no improve with lameness. I decided to starting SummitMax on him last month ago and do Magnawave 3 times per week for month too. Almost 3 weeks later, his lameness is gone! I'm shocked how that's works! Now he is so ready back to his job what he loves to do!

Bar G2 PerformanceTherapy from Talala, OK

"This product saved my dog!"

At the age of 5 I thought my boy would have to end his life way too early due to hip issues. I gave summit a shot and it saved his life! He moves like a puppy now and is almost 8 years old. I recommend Summit to anyone who's dog has joint and mobility issues. It has given my dog new life!

Galt from Indiana

"Saved from Check Ligament Surgery."

From needing surgery by most trainers standards to world and reserve world champion using Summit. This product works and we've used it on multiple horses and the inflammation and soundness is markedly improved within 24 hours post injection. Fetlocks and knees went from popping forward and shaking to locked in over night. We've used this product on weanlings and yearlings with substantial epiphysitis and growth related problems and have loved the response. 5/5 would recommend and purchase again!

Rockin Spots Appaloosas from Independence, IA

"This product is included on the monthly budget."

This product is included on the monthly budget. My dog Marshall Mckiddo knows what day is his injection day and jumps on the bed by himself looks at me lays for the shot- kisses me when it's done as he knows that works. It is brought new life back into my nine-year-old companion. I was concerned when he was slowing down on our hikes and horseback rides but now he's running through the trees like a puppy!

Deb B from Piedmont, SD

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For over 5 years our products have been used by professional athletes, veterinarians and leading trainers.

McClain Ward

4x Olympic Team Medalist, Team USA; FEI World Cup Champion

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Casey Deary

NRHA $3M Dollar Reiner; AQHA World Champion

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Rodrigo Pessoa

3x Olympic Champion; World Champion; 3 x World Cup Champion; Team BRA

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Amberley Snyder

Professional Barrel Racer & Keynote Speaker

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Sherry Cervi

4x World Champion Barrel Racer; $3.5M WPRA Career
Earning Leader

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You ask a lot from your partner and they'll give you their all, until joint issues and discomfort starts slowing them down. Though time isn't always on their side, SummitMax is.

Trusted by World Champions, Olympians, and best-in class athletes across the globe, our drug-free solutions are uniquely formulated to improve how animals move, feel, and perform.

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