Prime Equine Emulgel

Superior Soundness Solution

Superior soundness management starts here. Formulated to naturally maximize performance potential, manage discomfort, and speed recovery times in the equine athlete, Prime works without the use of NSAIDS and is free of the masking agents often used to distract from an issue instead of targeting it.

Utilizing only all natural actives L-Carnosine and Chondroitin 4-Sulfate, the rapidly absorbed traceless formula contains no prohibited substances and is competition compliant.

Ideally suited for use prior to competition, and recommended by veterinarians for post-performance recovery and rehabilitative support. Now even the hardest playing horses can have the support they need – in and out of the arena. Trusted by the world’s best. 

  • Effect Begins Within 45 Minutes
  • Non-Masking Comfort Formula
  • Sensitive Skin Friendly
  • Drug Free + NSAID Free + CBD Free
  • USEF / FEI / RRMR Competition Compliant



  • Ingredients

    Active Ingredients: L-Carnosine, Chondroitin 4-Sulfate.

    Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Aloe Vera, Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate Powder, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Terasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Phenoxyethanol.

  • How to use

    Apply a PRIME by hand to desired areas of clean coat.

    Rub into muscles, tendons, etc. to ensure thorough contact with skin through the coat. Only product in contact with skin can be absorbed.

    Allow to absorb for 15 minutes prior to application of boots, saddle pad, or support bandages.

    If desired, large muscle groups and visible areas may be wiped with damp cloth after 20 minutes or washed as soon as 45 minutes after application; absorption has already occurred.

    Effects begin as soon as 45 minutes after application and will continue for 6-10 hours. Effects are cumulative with continued use. Apply as needed.

  • Peak Performance

  • Senior Management

  • Inflammation

  • Overworked Joints

  • Muscle Tension + Stiffness

  • Injury Support

The pros know.

"Great product. Prime delivers as promised." ~McLain Ward

4x Olympic Gold Medalist

"The results are staggering. This is a game changer." ~Karen O'Connor

5x Olympian, Team USA

"A real breakthrough for the horse's wellbeing." ~Katie Prudent

Show Jumping World Champion

“Critical! I can't over emphasize the value." ~Sherry Cervi

4x NFR World Champion

“A topical that actually works. I need more!” ~Lauren Hough

3x Pan Am Games Medalist

"Magic gel. We don't leave home without it." ~Marilyn Little

2x Pan-Am Gold Medalist


  • Under Saddle

  • Under Sport Boots

  • Large Muscle Groups

  • Under Bandages

  • Joints, Tendons + Ligaments

  • Tough To Treat Areas


  • Elasticity
  • Soundness
  • Buffer lactic acid buildup
  • Sport injury avoidance


  • Inflammation
  • Overworked joints
  • Muscle tension + stiffness
  • Chronic discomforts


  • Performance rebound
  • Circulation + toxin removal
  • Tighter legs
  • Injury support

Prime Ambassadors In Sport

Prime for the win!

"When I use Prime every day, my horses are better by the day! It's great to see the better backs, tighter legs and cooler joints."

#2 in WPRA Career Earnings ($3 Million); 2x Winner NFR Av. Barrel Champion; 2x Reserve World Barrel Champion; 15 NFR Qualification


"My horses feel better, move better, and are able to compete at a higher level. It isn’t just sport horses that have problem spots. There isn't a horse that doesn't need this!"

World Equestrian Games Team Australia; Winner CSI4* Las Vegas Grand Prix; 53 Career International FEI Wins


"Safe. Fast. Effective. Prime ticks all the boxes. It's become a regular part of both our daily training and competition plan. Finally, a therapeutic gel that actually works."

US Eventing Rider of the Year; 5* High Performance Eventing Team; 50+ Career International FEI Wins


“Our travel and competition schedule is grueling. Prime is critical to maintenance and prevention, I can’t over-emphasize the value. Thanks to Prime my horses come out better and recover faster.”

4x Winner NFR Barrel World Champion; #1 in WPRA Career Earner ($3.5 Million); 19 NFR Qualifications; Cowgirl Hall of Fame Inductee


"Tighter legs and better backs! Absolutely amazing product. Whether they're competing or rehabilitating, it's on every horse!

Team USA 5* High Performance Eventer; US National 4* Champion; 25+ Career FEI wins


“Amazing product. I use it before competition to take care of any soreness, but also for relief after a big effort. Like everyone, I've tried many different products. I've never seen anything like Prime!”

Brazilian Show Jumping Team; International 5* Show Jumper


"Prime has earned its place in our stable as a key part of our competitive and management formula. It’s fantastic to feel the difference in the horses each day. We are very impressed."

FEI World Cup Champion; 4x Olympic Team Gold Medalist; 3x World Championship Medalist; 3x Pan-Am Medalist


"This is every horse's secret weapon for soundness and performance. It exceeds all expectations and the applications are endless. Magic gel! We don't leave home without it!”

2x Gold Medalist Pan-American Games, Team USA; US 5* Eventing Champion; CSI5* Spruce Meadows Derby Winner; 50+ International Career Wins


“What is this incredible product?? The cross country phase takes its toll on soft tissue and joints, but Prime gets them back! The results are staggering- this is a game changer. Thank you Prime!”

2x Olympic Team Medalist; Silver Medalist World Equestrian Games; 2x Gold Medalist Pan-Am Games; 5x Olympian


“Such an awesome product. Our horses are happier, and our bodies are too!”

Endurance Team USA; 2x US Endurance Champion; 4x Winner 100mile Tevis Cup; 3x Winner Haggin Cup


“Prime is a fantastic product - invaluable in my program. for everything from general maintenance to post-competition care. A topical that actually works! I need more!”

Olympic & World Champship Team USA; 3x Pan-Am Games Medalist; Team Gold & Silver Nations Cup Final; 68 Career FEI International Wins


"Prime helps keeping the horses sound and fit at the top level of the sport. Eventing is the ultimate test of fitness, soundness and resilience. Prime goes on every horse in the barn. Every day."

Eventing Team Australia; 5* International High Performance Rider


Why It Works

The game-changing benefits of L-Carnosine

L-Carnosine is a protein building block composed of two amino acids: Alanine and Histidine. Critical to numerous tissues in both human and animal systems, it is present in high levels in skeletal muscle and also within cardiac, brain and organ tissue.

Antioxidant Properties + Toxin Removal

Recognized for non enzymatic free radical scavenging activities,  and ability to improve antioxidant capacity.

Inflammation Modulation

Prevention of cellular degeneration and toxicity by boosting cellular defense mechanisms against oxidative stress is key to moderating inflammation and associated the pain cycles.

Impact on Athletic Performance 

Carnosine buffers the PH decline that occurs in muscles during high intensity exercise to reduce muscle fatigue, maintain stamina, and expand power output.

Effect on Muscle Soreness / Tension

Minimizing a buildup of excess lactic acidity is critical to maintain proper muscle function and reduce the effects of stiffness due to overexertion.

Anti-Aging Benefits

As the body ages, carnosine levels plummet. Studies show it both slows the aging of cells, protects against age inducing processes such as glycation and mitochondrial dysfunction 

Before & After

Thermal Imaging: 1 Hour

Thermographic images taken before and after application of Prime to a horse's hip. Thermography detects inflammation and tissue stress by measuring heat signatures. Chemicals released by stressed or damaged tissue increase heat in the area, which will then read as “hot” on a thermogram. After Prime was applied, thermal images "cooled" as stress and inflammation improved.

(Courtesy of EPVP LLC, FL)

Before & After

Bandage Bow: 36 Hours

"Swelling around the tendons is always nerve wracking. This bandage bow appeared when it seemed some bandages were on too snug. We could only ice and start using Prime in hopes it would come down because the horse was supposed to be competing FEI. I can't believe how fast this ugly looking bandage bow came down. Record time."

(Courtesy of J. Phillips, FL)

Before & After

Bruised Heel: 36 Hours

"It's hard to believe this didn't access! The mare must have caught the ledge in the wash rack behind the shoe. We pulled shoe and wrapped with it up with plenty of Prime. When farrier could get to us the next evening we were pretty shocked by both the improvement and the fat she was still sound! Fantastic result!"

(Courtesy of P. Manders, MD)

Courtesy of Equine Performance Veterinary Practice, FL

Abdominal swelling

She managed to fall when getting trimmed. Before image is day 1 of swelling. The after image is showing the reduction on day 3. By day 4 swelling was completely gone.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do each of the active ingredients in Prime Equine do?
    • Chondroitin 4-Sulfate is a foundational component of
      the body’s soft tissue matrix, and essential to the health of joints and
      tissues. At the cellular level, its antioxidant properties help to manage
      inflammation by neutralizing free radicals and minimizing the cellular
      degeneration that cause inflammation and soreness.

    • L-Carnosine is a protein building block
      naturally synthesized in the body, with several anti-oxidative properties
      critical to the circulatory, immune, and metabolic systems. L-Carnosine is
      shown to reduce oxidative stress at the cellular level. At the muscular
      level it works to improve circulation and serves as a buffer to help
      minimize the buildup of lactic acid which causes muscle fatigue and
      performance decline.

    • Magnesium Sulfate is a naturally occurring mineral
      critical to the proper function of muscles and nerves. It acts as a
      drawing agent to assist in removal of swelling and inflammation and plays
      a key role in assisting the transportation of L-Carnosine through the
      Stratum Corneum (outermost skin layers) to the tissues below.
  • How does L-Carnosine remove toxins?

    Circulation and blood flow are a vital part of the health and performance of the body's tissue. Blood delivers oxygen, which is necessary for the prevention of cellular damage, and carries away toxins built up in a tissue as a result of cellular stress and normal metabolic processes. Prime enhances circulation which is key for effective "flushing" of these toxins out of tissues where they may be concentrated, and into the blood stream where they can then be filtered out for excretion from the system. 

  • How do I apply the Prime Equine?

    Apply to a clean coat, free of grooming products or debris. Work gel through coat to ensure thorough contact with the skin.

  • How much Prime Equine should I use?

    Approximately 5-10ml for tendon area or 25-35ml for larger muscle group.

  • When do results begin with Prime Equine and how long do they last?

    Results generally begin within 45 minutes of application and typically continue for 6-10 hours. For rehabilitation support, you may apply up to four times daily and used under support bandages if desired.


  • How often should you apply Prime Equine?

    Effects begin within 45 minutes of application and often benefits experienced will increase with continued use.  Allow 25 minutes for absorption to occur prior to application of sport boots or saddle pads. If desired, coat may be cleaned with a damp towel. For post-performance recovery, work into clean coast as soon as possible
    after the effort.  

  • What about a horse going through rehabilitation for an injury?

    For the management of chronic pain, or for rehabilitative support apply 4 times daily, or as desired to meet horses’ individual needs.

  • Do you recommend for use under infrared or ceramic bandages?


  • Where is it manufactured?

    Prime Performance Emulgel is manufactured in the United States.

  • Is Prime Equine safe for other animals or humans?

    The active ingredients in Prime Equine are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for use on all animals and people alike.  

  • Is Prime Equine fragrance free? Are there any steroids in Prime Equine?

    Prime Equine is a nonsteroidal-anti-inflammatory which is fragrance free and non-analgesic.

  • Are there any warnings to be aware of for Prime Equine?
    • For external use only.
    • If swallowed, contact a Poison Control Center.
    • Do not apply to wounds or open skin.
    • Do not use in eyes or if allergic to any ingredients in this product.
    • Stop use and ask a veterinarian if skin reactions such as redness, itching, rash, excessive irritation, burning sensations, swelling, or blistering occur.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Can you mix Prime Equine with other topical products?

    Prime Equine should be applied on clean skin, free of any oils or grooming products. If other topical products are used, they should be applied after Prime Equine is completely dry.

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