Prime Emulgel

Perform. Relieve. Recover.

Prime Relief Emulgel is a topically applied emulsion-gel developed to maximize physical performance and provide powerful, rapid relief for muscles, joints, and chronic discomforts. Prime’s traceless, drug-free formula is a superior way to target inflammation, and is ideal for use prior to competition and training, for post-performance recovery, for rehabilitative support, and for the management of chronic pain.


  • Ingredients

    Active Ingredients: L-Carnosine, Chondroitin 4-Sulfate.

    Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Aloe Vera, Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate Powder, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Terasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Phenoxyethanol.

  • How to use

    Application: Apply Prime emulgel to clean skin, free of any oils or lotions. Massage briefly into desired areas but do not rub in thoroughly. Allow gel to remain on surface of skin to absorb. Results begin within 45 minutes of application and continue for 6-10 hours. Benefits increase with continued use. Apply as desired.

  • Athletic Performance

  • Muscle Soreness

  • Chronic Discomforts

  • Inflammation

  • Injury Support

  • Circulation + Toxin Removal

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"I’m a true believer."

"I just turned 73 and enjoy adventure sports. I’ve run over 70 marathons and 30+ ultra-marathons; my body hurts for days afterwards. I use Prime regularly and it drops the swelling and pain in the matter of minutes. It’s just amazing!"

Lynn Hawbaker from Bettendorf, IA


"I tried Prime on my feet, legs, and knees. Having tried pretty much everything on the market to help with my own chronic pain, I didn’t expect much at all. But about an hour later, I was finally able to sleep owing to the relief it gave me. A topical product that works is a GODSEND! I contacted them within 24 hours to get more!"

Dr. Bridget Bennett from Pierre, SD

"Haven't swung the club like that in 20 years!"

"I used some of my friend's Prime before I played with my family and honestly I haven't swung the club like that in 20 years! Serious stuff."

Richard Love from Satellite Beach, FL

"I can sleep though the night without pain."

"I've been putting off a shoulder and back surgery I know I shouldn't, and without Prime I can barely get my arms high enough to get a t-shirt on. I carry it around in my purse, but I also use it in the evening so I can sleep through the night without pain and the frustration of constantly trying to get comfortable."

Lynne Little from Deerfield Beach, FL

"I assess what hurts and reach for the Prime."

"My husband Henri and I recently tried Prime to relive pain and inflammation in our muscles and joints. WOW does this gel ever work!! We rubbed it on our old sore shoulders, knees, backs, and hips. Within an hour the pain had significantly diminished we both found that we were pain free for the whole day! Now, as I wake up in the morning, I assess what hurts and reach for the Prime."

Katie Prudent from The Plains, VA

"Absolutely would buy again."

"I played in the Senior Games in Fort Lauderdale in May 2022. After several matches, I had a lot of muscle tightness in my lower back. After using Prime, literally within minutes - I had relief!"

Laura from St. Louis, MO

"No smell or tingling... Works great."

"I have been using this on my knee and shoulder. No smell or tingling and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling! Works great."

Becky from Bagley, MN

"Surprised by how many things this helps."

"As ranchers, and an active outdoor family, we have been surprised by how many things this helps. We have used it on sore shoulders during haying, bruised arms, neck when getting a headache, and an old broken foot injury that was sore. Really like that it does not smell, and no tingling."

Robin from Minnesota

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Superior Relief

  • muscle soreness
  • chronic discomfort
  • joint pain
  • inflammation

Game-Changing Results

  • reduce muscle fatigue
  • circulation and toxin removal
  • speed recovery times
  • injury support

Innovative Formulation

  • effect begins within 45 minutes
  • rapid, traceless absorption
  • fragrance free and tingle free
  • drug free and CBD free formula
  • WADA sports compliant

Powerful Patented Performance

In a league of it's own.

Real relief within 45 mins

Is it working?

Rapid relief PLUS therapeutic benefits

Temporary relief

Fragrance free - dinner party approved

Strong medicinal smells

Traceless, absorbs quickly into skin

Greasy, oily formulas

No masking agents - just relief

Tingle / cooling sensations designed to distract the mind

Naturally occurring, drug free active ingredients

May use NSAIDs to manage inflammation

WADA sports compliant for pro athletes

Often include CBD or steroids

Satisfaction guarantee

Questionable results = dollars wasted

Real relief within 45 mins

Rapid relief PLUS therapeutic benefits

Fragrance free - dinner party approved

Traceless, absorbs quickly into skin

No masking agents - just relief

Naturally occurring, drug free active ingredients

WADA sports compliant for pro athletes

Satisfaction guarantee


Is it working?

Temporary relief

Strong medicinal smells

Greasy, oily formulas

Tingle / cooling sensations designed to distract the mind

May use NSAIDs to manage inflammation

Often include CBD or steroids

Questionable results = dollars wasted

Why It Works

The game-changing benefits of L-Carnosine

L-Carnosine is a protein building block composed of two amino acids: alanine and histidine. Critical to numerous tissues in both human and animal systems, it is present in high levels in skeletal muscle, but also within cardiac, brain and organ tissue.


Recognized for non enzymatic free radical scavenging activities, and ability to improve antioxidant capacity.


Prevention of cellular degeneration and toxicity by boosting cellular defense mechanisms against oxidative stress is key to moderating inflammation and associated pain cycles.


Carnosine buffers the PH decline that occurs in muscles during high intensity exercise to reduce muscle fatigue, maintain stamina, and expand power output.


Minimizing a buildup of excess lactic acidity is critical to maintaining proper muscle function and reducing the effects of stiffness due to overexertion.


As the body ages, carnosine levels plummet. Studies show it both slows the aging of cells, and protects against age inducing processes such as glycation and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do each of the active ingredients in Prime do?
    • Chondroitin 4-Sulfate is a foundational component of the body’s soft tissue matrix, and essential to the health of joints and tissues. At the cellular level, its antioxidant properties help to manage inflammation by neutralizing free radicals and minimizing the cellular degeneration that cause inflammation and soreness.
    •  L-Carnosine is a protein building block naturally synthesized in the body, with several anti-oxidative properties critical to the circulatory, immune, and metabolic systems. L-Carnosine is shown to reduce oxidative stress at the cellular level. At the muscular level it works to improve circulation and serves as a buffer to help minimize the buildup of lactic acid which causes muscle fatigue and performance decline.
    •  Magnesium Sulfate is a naturally occurring mineral critical to the proper function of muscles and nerves. It acts as a drawing agent to assist in removal of swelling and inflammation and plays a key role in assisting the transportation of L-Carnosine through the Stratum Corneum (outermost skin layers) to the tissues below.
  • How does L-Carnosine remove toxins?

    Circulation and blood flow are a vital part of the health and performance of the body's tissue. Blood delivers oxygen, which is necessary for the prevention of cellular damage, and carries away toxins built up in a tissue as a result of cellular stress and normal metabolic processes. Prime enhances circulation which is key for effective "flushing" of these toxins out of tissues where they may be concentrated, and into the blood stream where they can then be filtered out for excretion from the system. 

  • When do results begin with Prime and how long do they last?

    Results generally begin within 45 minutes of application and continue for 6-10 hours.

  • How often should you apply Prime?

    Application is recommended at least 45 minutes prior to competition and training. To maximize results post-performance for recovery, for the management of chronic pain, or for rehabilitative support apply 4 times daily, or as desired to meet individual needs. Often, benefits experienced will increase with continued use.

  • How many pumps are in a 6oz bottle?

    There are approximately 160 pumps per 6oz bottle.

  • Is Prime Performance Emulgel safe on children?

    The active ingredients in Prime Emulgel are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for use on children ages 2 and above, when applied according to directions and supervised by an adult. 

  • Is Prime Performance Emulgel safe if pregnant or breast-feeding?

    Ask a health professional before use.

  • Where is it manufactured?

    Prime Performance Emulgel is manufactured in the United States.

  • Are there any warnings to be aware of?
    • For external use only. If swallowed, seek medical help, or contact a Poison Control Center right away.
    • Do not use on wounds or open skin.
    • Do not use if allergic to any ingredients in this product.
    • When using the product avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranes.
    • Stop use and ask a doctor if skin reactions such as redness, itching, rash, excessive irritation, burning sensations, swelling, or blistering occur.
    • Keep out of reach of children. Adult supervision of application to children under 12 is strongly advised.
  • Is Prime Performance Emulgel fragrance free? Are there any steroids in Prime?

    Prime Performance Emulgel is nonsteroidal-anti-inflammatory which is fragrance free and non-analgesic.

  • Can you mix with other topical products?

    Prime Performance Emulgel should be applied on clean skin, free of any oils or lotions. If other topical products are used, they should be applied after Prime Performance Emulgel is completely dry.

  • Can you use on animals?

    Prime Emulgel is classified as an OTC Topical Drug specifically formulated for human use. Prime Emulgel can be used on all skin types except broken skin or mucus membranes.  However, Prime Emulgel does not contain any ingredients considered harmful to animals and we anticipate the same benefits appreciated by people would also be experienced by other mammals.

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