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Why Choose Summit?

For over 6 years, Summit has committed itself in developing unique, innovative solutions to tackle some of the toughest inflammatory challenges in animals. Our formulations are drug-free and thoughtfully made with all natural actives, that go to work fast, giving customers piece of mind and satisfaction guaranteed.

Our products target total body relief.

  • Overall Wellness

  • Peak Performance

  • Joint Health

  • Inflammation

  • Senior Care

  • Chronic Discomforts

Solutions for Large & Small Animal Clinics

Veterinarian Only Injectable Solutions

SummitMax Professional line of injectable products is exclusive to veterinarians for use in their practice.

Why... effective, potent, exclusive, higher strength, multiple uses: pre performance, post recovery

our injectable comfort management products used to improve how animals move, feel, and perform.

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  • SummitMax PRO Equine
  • SummitMax PRO Canine
  • SummitMax PRO PSL

Original Injectable Solutions

SummitMax, our injectable comfort management products used to improve how animals move, feel, and perform.

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Oral & Topical Solutions

Summit Animal Health offers unrivaled oral and topical solutions to relieve and solve animal’s toughest challenges.

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There are two ways to partner with us:

#1 - Purchase wholesale from us

As a licensed veterinarian, you can take advantage of wholesale prices

  • Enjoy 40-58% wholesale discount

* This option is popular for our SummitMax injectable products, as many Vets use the product as part of their treating regimen.


#2 - Ship directly to your customer

When you register as a licensed veterinarian, you will receive a unique referral link where your clients can place orders. We take care of the rest.

  • Earn 30% commission on client sales from your referral link (paid monthly)
  • We handle the shipping for you
  • No inventory hassles for you
  • Your clients experience our exceptional customer service and fast shipping
  • Get access to your detailed dashboard for monthly reporting
  • We ship a comprehensive “Display Pack” for you to display in your practice

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What customers say about Summit

"Game changer!!"

I started using equine Summit about three years ago on my OTTB mare who has arthritis in her hocks. A day or two after her first injection she was moving better, and could turn in the wash rack with ease. She also started running up to the gate to meet me, and still does it! Summit was a game changer and now my other two horses get a shot every 2 weeks as well! I believe that every horse should be on Summit.

Kristen from Opelika, AL

"A must-have for performance dogs!"

I compete with my three Bernese Mountain Dogs in many sports, including agility. Summit slays inflammation which not only helps them perform but is great for their overall health. Not only are my dogs on it for maintenance and longevity but I have also added it to my first aid kit in case of injury. Summit has greatly extended the quality of my dogs' lives!

Julie with Berners from Northern VA

"So vital for my cats."

I use it for 2 of my older cats. My oldest is playing again and my overweight cat is as well and has lost weight as a result! Truly love this product!

Katharine from WI

"Definitely worth trying, especially on old dogs!"

I use this supplement once a week on my older arthritic 14 yr old dog, and on my 8 yr old sheepdog. I notice much less stiffness on the 14 yr old-he even jumps again, and I believe it will help the 8 yr old stay sound as he ages.

Steph from Klamath Falls, OR

"Summit definitely is our go-to."

I have tried a lot of different joint supplements for my old man. Summit definitely is our go-to now. He continues to run and jump just like he did when he was a young dog! I love that he still feels good enough to do sports with me! We love Summit!

Kris10 from Billings, MT